Introducing World's First
Business Intelligence (BI)
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Helical Insight Community Edition
Open Source
Open Source With Lowest
Total Cost Of Ownership
And High ROI
Make Quick Informed
Decisions From Your
Complex Multiple
Data Sources
Various Data Visualization Options Like Reports, Dashboard, Geographical
Analytics, Statistical & Scientific Charts etc.

Work Culture

At Helical, we have an open, collegial work environment packed with free spirits. As the saying goes, happiness is contagious, we make our work place a happy one, where employees are more than happy to return the next day to work. Flexible working hours ensure that you choose your own work schedule and above all icing on the cake is no formal dress code to office. We play volleyball, football and other indoor/outdoor sports, enjoy Diwali , Dussehra, Iftaar parties, get patriotic on Independence day with dramas, celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year with a holiday. We also have various contests and recognition programs round the year to encourage talent and appreciate performance. Birthday, Work anniversary and team lunch are often practices. This would remind you your college days. Here work is indeed a celebration!

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