Helical Insight Open Source Business Intelligence Framework

Helical Insight software is world’s first Open Source Business Intelligence framework which helps you to make sense out of your data and make well informed decisions. Helical Insight is an open source business intelligence framework which is developer friendly. Creation and consumption of Business Intelligence solution is completely web based. Helical Insight uses Java as back end and HTML, JavaScript as its front end.

Helical Insight allows you to connect to any database, flat files, big data, API or any other custom data source.

For reports and dashboards creation, it allows three methods:

  1. Instant BI : With an integrated machine learning and NLP, with a google like interface it allows you to just type your question and get instant business answers. For example: What is the revenue in last 3 months?

    This way instantly reports, dashboards, geographical dashboard etc can be created. The same interface could also be used for customizing like color change, adding heading, customizing the chart etc.

  2. Self service BI : For slightly advanced user it provides option to drag and drop the columns, add filters and create reports and dashboards on the fly without any technical knowledge. It has place holders to add JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX etc for further customization of these charts.

  3. EFW : For advanced users like developers it also allows the option to use any editor like notepad++ and create data analysis in the form of reports, dashboards, what-if analysis etc.

    Helical Insight is having many other features like exporting, email scheduling, user role management, advanced statistical and scientific charts for data scientists, multi-tenant support, mobile and tablet compatibility etc.

Some of the USP of helical Insight includes :

  1. Business Intelligence Framework : Helical Insight is a completely API driven tool. Thus any functionality can be added and extended at the front end or back end. Use cases includes adding a new chart, adding a new exporting type, adding a new data source layer, adding a new security layer, fetching data directly from ETL, building outlook plugin of BI etc.

    Today with most of the tool if you want any new functionality you will have to depend on the vendor, but with us at each and every place we provide APIs which can be used to extend the functionalities. Functionalities can be added not only at the front end layer but also at back end layer.

    With today’s breakneck speed at which technology is changing, it is imperative that the solution which you build should be able to adapt for future technologies and that was the entire thought process behind developing a BI framework.

  2. Workflow : In a Business Intelligence there are various functional modules like logging in, data connection, metadata, exporting, email scheduling etc but with other tools the sequence in which these functional modules are triggered are pre-built and fixed. But with our HWF these various functional modules can be triggered at any time and thus can help in implementing custom business process.

    For example, you want to create a report as soon as data touches certain value and email, second use case is as soon as new data comes into database then only a report should get created and emailed, changing database details based on who is logging in with customized pages etc. Another use case is a customer should be able to categorize dashboards and reports into his own hierarchy etc.

    There could be myriad number of other use cases. Basically using workflow you can implement absolutely any kind of custom business process you wish to implement over here. We are proud to say that we are the first Business Intelligence tool in the world to provide Workflow capabilities.

  3. Machine Learning : We are the first Open Source Business Intelligence product to embed machine learning and NLP capabilities for end customer. This can usher users towards search driven exploratory analytics rather that merely depending on the pre-built reports and dashboards.

Please visit our home page to know more about features we provide: Open Source Business Intelligence – Helical Insight