Why BI Framework

Presently, BI vendors follow a closed-garden approach and offer certain out-of-the-box features such as caching, database connections and charting. However, if the business needs transcend general requirements, we are at cross-roads and the user is forced to either compromise on their business strategy or look for alternative solutions outside of the BI tool. Clients are not empowered to add functions and there is immense and varied vendor dependencies. Perhaps that is the reason why not even a single vendor has been able to traverse the entire BI evolution phase – from reporting, to dashboards, to self service in memory etc.

Helical IT Solutions raises the bar for the BI industry with Helical Insight – Customize, Visualize, Analyze, Be Wise.

Introducing BI framework : The Helical Insight, of course, provides regular and out-of-the-mill features expected of a BI tool such as email scheduling, visualization, exporting, multi-tenancy, user role management, etc. The apogee, however, is that with its API-driven framework, it allows and empowers the end-users to add any functionality as per requirement! The functionality could be at the front end (like adding a new chart or chart type) or even at the back end (like integrating machine learning or altogether creating a new business process flow).

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Some use cases of how Helical Insight Framework is distinctive and can give you the edge you need is mentioned below:

 Other BI ToolBI Framework
Data ConnectionsData sources they support is limited. If a new data source type is introduced, you will have to depend on the BI tool provider to supply a new connector for it.
With our BI framework, you can use datasource APIs to extend this functionality in-house. This way, you can start fetching data from any new data source without delay or dependency.
New charting typeExisting BI tools, in their self-service component, provide certain charting options. However,addition of new chart types which could be reused is not possible.With our BI framework, you can incorporate newer charts to the adhoc component. Any kind of java scripting chart can be added. This can be reused with any data set by any user.
New Exporting TypeMost BI tools offer exporting of reports and/or dashboard in PDF and image formats. What if you need it in SAS compatible formats, EDI format etc.? Not possible.By default, Helical Insight provides support for CSV, PDF, Image formats etc. Additionally, you can use the exporting APIs to add any kind of exporting type which your business demands.
Data RepresentationTraditional BI tools do not offer much in terms of data representation. They might offer reports, dashboards and geographical dashboards.With our BI framework, not only can you develop traditional reports, dashboards, geomaps etc., you can also develop ones like what-if analysis, mashups, infographs, timelines etc.
Charts customization and AnimationTraditional BI tool offers some level of chart optimization or customization like color, size etc.In Helical Insight, adhoc components and dashboard designers have placeholders to add javascript, HTML, CSS and AJAX. Hence you can perform any kind of customization and animation.
Email SchedulingMost BI tools support emailing of reports, triggered on time basis. What if you want it to be triggered upon another action such as login or upon touching a value?With email API, you can schedule for implement and trigger emailing of reports whenever you want. It could be time-based or action-based or value-based.
New functionality at backendIf a client wants to add a new core functionality at the back-end, like adding a machine learning layer or adding a new caching layer, it is not possible with traditional BI tools.With Helical Insight, the client is empowered to add functionalities at the back-end using Java. There is no need to depend on vendor's long release cycles or pay hefty sums to implementation partners.
White LabelingTraditional BI tools offer very limited white labeling options like header, footer, login and logout screens.With our BI framework, you can customize absolutely everything from header, footer, notifications, file repository, navigation, context menu etc.
WorkflowNone of the existing BI tools provide an integrated workflow engine.Helical Insight has an integrated workflow engine, empowering you to create business-specific workflow. Call different modules of different work. Create your own functional modules too.
Creation and Consumption of solutionTraditional BI tools have different components for reports creation, uploading, plug-ins, PDF extracting etc.
With Helical Insight, creation and consumption of solution is fully browser-based and accessible from anywhere, anytime. No need to download multiple heavy softwares with their own licensing costs