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Instant BI

Powered by machine learning and NLP algorithms, Helical Insight is world’s first open source BI tool heralding search driven analytics. Read more

Work Flow

Customize and design your own workflows according to your business processes. Read more

Self Service BI

Drag, Drop and Create Reports on the fly. Read more

Extend and Expand

Build functionalities based on your business needs with your own IT resources. Read more


Export you data and reports in various formats like pdf, image, excel etc. Read more

API Driven

Add or build on functionalities in-house using our APIs. Read more


Establish connection seamlessly to any database, custom data source, flat files or APIs. Read more

100% Browser Based

Creation and consumption of BI from browser itself, no heavy tool are required. Read more

Data Analysis

Analyze your data using traditional and modern methods of reporting, dashboards, maps, whatif analysis, infographs etc Read more

Auto Emailing

Schedule to email reports and dashboards to your inbox. Read more

User And Role Management

Ensure proper data security and access by role and users. Read more


Supports multiple organizations at the same time using the same instance and with proper data privacy. Read more

Multi-Device Compatibility

Access your solutions from any place and any device. Read more

White Labeling

Change the entire look and feel of your tool as per your organizational requirements. Read more


Embed our BI solutions easily within your product. Read more


Caching ensures increased performance even with concurrent users. Read more

Dynamic DB Switching

With Helical Insight same report can connect to different.. Read more

Canned Report

Helical Insight, via simple browser based interface of Canned Reporting.. Read more

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