Helical Insight Partner program is designed to generate new opportunities. In our partners success lies our success and hence we work really hard to make sure all of our partners queries and concerns are our first priority. We are very committed to making the client and partner happy.

We establish strong partnership with leading consulting and technology organizations and work together to implement solutions to meet our customer’s needs. Our partners will get all the required support which they require be it on the technical, marketing, training, licensing, product roadmap, early access or any other front.

Reseller Partners

Resellers are the partners that resell Helical Insight license in addition to their own set of services and offerings. They help the customers in selecting the right tool, implementation and deployment if required. Reseller partner gets generous commission from each sale. We would be providing marketing collateral, training so that your company and team is sufficiently equipped to approach customers right away.

Solutions Partners

Solution partner are the companies with deep expertise in technology. This partnership is ideal for the companies who want to build and deliver solution based on customers requirement which could include things like concept, implementation and support. Typical work involved in this includes evaluation of customers requirement, suggestion of hardware, installation of helical insight software, gathering requirement and building solution on top of it, ongoing support if required.

OEM Partners

OEM partnership allows to quickly and easily embed Helical Insight Business Intelligence Framework inside your product offering. Whether your offering is SaaS or a packaged software, OEM partnership with Helical Insight will allow you to do extensive data analysis which gets seamlessly integrated. Helical Insight not only allows you to create visually stunning reports dashboard mashup but also it has got robust integration with APIs, extensive white labeling capabilities, multi-tenant capabilities, security and administration capabilities.

    Advantages of OEM partnership includes
  1. Flexible licensing model
  2. Access to partner portal with extensive technical and marketing information
  3. Access to technical support