Frequently Asked Questions

What is the license type of Helical Insight Community Edition?

   –  Helical Insight Community Edition will be having Apache License. More information about Apache license can be found on the link Apache License.

What is the difference between CE and EE?

   –  You can find the differences between Community Edition and Enterprise Edition on the below mentioned link under the tab.

If I integrate Helical Insight CE inside my product, do I need to open source my product also?

   –  Helical Insight is having apache license.

Can I use Helical Insight CE inside my commercial application?

   –  Yes, you can use solution built using Helical Insight inside your commercial application.

What kind of support will I get?

   –  You can always go ahead and post your questions on our Forum

We have an active community of users as well as representatives of Helical who will help in resolving your queries. Also you can approach Helical for paid professional support by contacting here.

Can I also build plugin and contribute towards Helical Insight?

   –  Yes, you can contribute to Helical Insight product in many ways by helping in improving the documentation, building plugins for achieving addon functionalites and helping other community members on our forum.

Can I get professional services, training or support from Helical for the product Helical Insight?

   –  Yes. You can opt for paid training, consultation, services or support from Helical. For doing the same you have to get in touch with us here.

If I built a solution on Helical Insight CE and tomorrow decide to purchase EE. Will the already built solution continue to work?

   –  Yes, the solution built on Helical Insight CE will work flawlessly with EE. Also it is upward compatible, hence the built solution will continue to work on the future versions also.

Can the solution built using Helical Insight CE be embedded?

   –  Yes. Solution or functionality of Helical Insight CE can be embedded using iFrame or webservices.

I am a newbie to Helical Insight CE. How should I go about learning and using it?

   –  Best method is to download Helical Insight Community Edition (CE) from sourceforge or github. You will find a lot of tutorials at this link (Learn) which will help you understand and learn Helical Insight. Any questions can be raised on forum. You can also approach Helical for professional training services.

I am looking for a feature which is not present in Helical Insight. What can be done?

   –  Helical Insight is an open source BI framework. There are a lot of extension points which can be used to extend the functionalities. Functionalities at the frontend can be added by HTML/CSS resources whereas functionalities at the backend can be added by using java developers.

Also you can get in touch with Helical and request for a feature addition.