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Helical Insight is developer friendly open source BI framework built on Java and frontend being HTML and CSS. Helical Insight not only allows you to develop data analysis on top of your data and embed it, but also being a framework allows you to build plugins and add functionalities using your own HTML and Java developer when required.

Helical Insight comes in two versions i.e. Community Edition (Free) but with limited set of features and Enterprise Edition (Paid) with all the features. Community edition code can be downloaded from Github/sourceforge and used.

Details about the difference between the two versions, tutorials, services etc can be found in the subsequent tabs.
 Community EditionEnterprise Edition
Instant BI : Machine learning and NLP driven interface for allowing search driven analytics
Adhoc Reporting : Self service drag drop based interface for reports creation
Dashboard designer : UI driven dashboard designer with drag drop interface
Backend EFW method of reports, dashboards and other data analysis creation
User Role Management
Email scheduling
Canned Reports
SupportSupport via forumEnterprise support with dedicated account manager, tickets, email, call and extensive documentation.
Data SecurityPossible by making changes in XMLUI Driven interface available
WorkflowXML drivenVia UI
UpgradesOnly Community upgrades All the upgrades

Getting started

Get started with Helical Insight Community Edition (CE) that gives user freedom to create, customize and change the visualization of a report or dashboard. Read the following links to get started.


Helical Insight training team can provide you an exhaustive training which will reduce your learning curve. These training programs can be conducted either onsite or offsite. The training program can also be completely customized as per your requirement. Main broad topics of training are described below:
  1. Helical Insight CE introduction and architecture
  2. Creation of reports, dashboards with input parameters, inter-panel communication and varying levels of complexity. Achieveing drill down and drill through
  3. User role management
  4. Embedding Helical Insight inside your application
  5. Helical Workflow (rule engine) introduction and usage
  6. Achieve Single sign On


Are you stuck somewhere? Do you need any support or assistance for developing the data analysis? Are you looking to implement any custom business process but need a helping hand? Is there any other issue for which you are looking to find a solution? You can purchase the support services from us. Our professional services team will handhold you and help you in fixing all the issues, clarifying all the doubts and provide any other kind of inputs which you may require while building the solution.


You can take consultancy services by Helical Insight team to help you achieve your business objectives. Our professional consultation will help you in hardware sizing based on your requirement and number of users etc, technology stack (like database, whether to use inmemory or build data warehouse), best approach and practices for solution designing, deployment etc.


You can take help of Helical Insight professional development services to achieve any of the below objectives.
  • Proof of Concept:  With our help, build a quick prototype based on your reporting and analytics requirement.
  • Feature Enhancement:  Are you looking for some feature which is not directly present with Helical Insight? Helical Insight Product team can chip in and build a product feature that can plugin and fulfil your requirement.
  • Solution Development:  Outsource your BI solution development to the experts from Helical Insight.